Today is Easter, 4/20, and Hitler’s birthday.

Well, this is contradicting.

Aw, I don’t think I’ll ever stop, but if I do happen to make a big post with links, I’ll add to it as I make more. :)

Aw, I don’t think I’ll ever stop, but if I do happen to make a big post with links, I’ll add to it as I make more. :)

Anonymous asked: Sooo many color splashesssss

I knooowww. I’ve made so many…
I’ll probably be making a master post pretty soon where I link you to all my color splashes. But for now you can search “color splash” or “color splashes” on my blog. :D I really hope all my followers have been enjoying the excess of color splashes. ;)

Bluecoats 2012

Bluecoats 2012

More drum corps color splashes. :)

Just some more drum corps color splashes. :)



Sometimes I can be attractive.
And other times I’m in a marching band uniform.

i thought my uniform was attractive

Aw, I’m sure you look beautiful in uniform. c:

Sometimes I can be attractive.
And other times I’m in a marching band uniform.

A more in-depth response to that last anon question:
Band is a very huge part of my life. It is the only place I have felt such a monstrous amount of passion for what I’m doing and participating in, and I feel at home. Band is the only place I and many others feel at home because we finally feel like we belong somewhere: with people who share one common goal and passion, (and band kids have amazing personalities and senses of humor, not to mention they are some of the coolest people you’ve ever met.) The emotions I feel in band can’t compare to any other possible thing I’ve ever experienced. Music is powerful. And leaving everything out on the field during marching season is the most satisfying feeling in the world. All the hard work pays off, and you and your greatest friends have all achieved something you are proud of and proud to be a part of. You build a name for your band, so of course us bandies have some eyes with pride and excessive passion for what we do. But I wouldn’t consider it excessive, taking into consideration that the activity itself is worthy of such dedication and commitment. Music moves all of us, and when we make something beautiful out of it, we aren’t making the music. The music is making and molding and shaping us. And that is an amazing feeling and process that results in our pride for band. So when you participate in such a profound and life-changing activity, of course it will be on your mind all the time. It’s hard to not think about it after you march on that field with your fellow band members you know and love. You can see the passion in their eyes as they catch the gleam of the stadium lights, and when you step off that field knowing you left it all out there… Not much else in the world could overwhelm me anymore than those moments do.
So yes, band is on my mind a lot. Yes, I express my love for the activity and activities similar to it through my Tumblr. Yes, I have no shame in what I do. I love band.


The booty.

For those of you who don’t know (probably a lot of you), my high school is splitting because we are getting a new school in my town! So next year I will be attending a newer, different school than I am attending now, but everyone who is zoned for the current school must stay there. Though this is an emotional ordeal on most all of us, there is also much excitement! We get to start a brand new band program and the other school gets to continue a powerful tradition. BUUUUUT, I just found out that the band I’m leaving is hiring a ton of new staff, some having experience in the world of DCI (Crown, Cadets, Cavaliers, Boston Crusaders, Splanta, Blue Devils, and Music City), which is awesome news. But I don’t get to meet these awesome new staff members. :( For us, this is a big deal because a lot of us would love to meet former marching members of such awesome drum corps. Our staff does not usually consist of DCI marchers and mostly just local college bandies, which isn’t a bad thing. But having DCI members is quite a change, especially with such a lineup of amazing corps! (Maybe I’ll drop by one day during band camp and say hi, but our band camps are at the same time so I don’t see that happening.)
So yeah, that is all I have to say. To wrap this up, good luck to any and all who are joining the Pelham HS Tower of Power Marching Band staff next year! You’ll have lots of fun with them because they are a spectacular group of talented musicians. Just be aware that they practice on a scorching hot parking lot in the midsummer Alabama heat. ;)
P.S. Your shoes might melt during band camp.

It’s 2014 and some women still don’t receive the same “equal” pay that men do simply because they’re women.

Just think about that.

Just a couple more drum corps color splashes. :)
I’m sure you’re all getting tired of these, haha.

A few more drum corps color splashes. Enjoy. :)

Corey Cott. More like Corey Hot, am I right.

Hey, you pollution.
My name is Racquel (Rah-quell) and I like to do the band thing. I'm multilingual, as in I speak Spongebobian and fluently quote John Green and occasionally MPGiS. I play the black stick of death, you know, that clarinet thing, and I like drum corps. And cats. Byeeeeeee. (Oh, and my actual name is Rachel, btw.)

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